My Favorite & Most Helpful WordPress Plugins

Everyone has their list of wordpress plugins that are installed right away.  Here are a few of my favorites that make my life easier and offer great functionality.  

One quick disclaimer, you really should try to cap your plugin usage at 6.  Now this can seem almost impossible when you have a theme that comes with tons of plugins.  Always test your speed and remove the ones you can.


Google Analytics for WordPress

This will help show you how your site is performing and to make sure you are ranking for the search terms your audience is looking for.


Yoast SEO

The free version of this plugin works great at making sure your search terms / readability is up to par.


Pretty Links

Exactly as it states this will make your links pretty.  It lets you revise the way the slug shows up.  People like to see what they are clicking on so a descriptive slug means more clicks.


Slider Revolution

A good option if you need to use sliders on your site.  It does tend to slow site speed so try to avoid them in the design if possible.


Advanced Custom Fields

This is an advanced plugin but very helpful if you need to create custom fields.  I will make a more in depth post on this at some point.

Just remember that when choosing WordPress plugins only use what you need and make sure to check your speed after installing to make sure they aren’t hurting your site more than they help.