Don’t Worry! 

I have a Plan! 

Digital Project Manager & UX Specialist with 15 years experience implementating process imporvements leading to an increase in company revenue while decreasing operating expenses. 

My current focus is managing concurrent multi-faceted WordPress projects for a national digital marketing agency.  I ensure projects are effectively resourced and stakeholder relationships are nurtured while maintaining a cooperative, motivated, and successful team.

My operations experience, business acumen, adaptive ability, and time management skills are crucial to the success and completion of my projects.

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I’m from NY, but live in Denver
I spent 10 years in NYC specializing in Office/Special Project Management before relocating to Colorado.  My experience is uniquely positioned to impact an organizations’ productivity and long term success.
Never Stop Learning
Since moving to Colorado I taught myself to code and learned everything I could about digital marketing, obtaining certifications in web design, User Experience and WordPress.
I’m on a Mission
I have dedicated my career to empowering my co-workers to feel motivated, fulfilled and energized while working to meet company and client objectives.
New Skills Are Essential
I try to learn a new skill or theory that can develop my knowledge every day.  I love using technology to meet business goals and deliver delightful user experiences.
Organization & Project Planning
Budgeting & Cost Control
Risk Mitigation
Critical Thinking
Conflict Resolution
Design Thinking
C-Level Stakeholder Management

Crystal was a pleasure to work with. Her skill set spoke for itself. There wasn’t a challenge Crystal did not rise for. She is great in whatever she sets her mind on. 

Lavinia Felder

Crystal was our office manager during the time our company was growing rapidly. She is as dedicated a worker as you could find and helped bring a sense of order to the chaos.

Christopher Blosser
Manager - Merchant Services

Crystal was a great manager, doing all she could to inspire and aid employees in completing tasks and assignments. She was everything a good manager is.

Doug Ferreira
Director, Financial Operations



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