Depending on the amount of plugins and widgets you have installed on your site the number of passwords to remember can be overwhelming.  This WordPress Password Tracker will be a lifesaver in the future .

It’s so easy to add functionality with WordPress installs but if you don’t have to login often and you can’t remember the email it’s great to have a sheet with all that info so you never need to worry.  



WordPress offers a few suggestions when it comes to selecting secure passwords.  You have to remember that with WordPress being a live CRM there is the potential to get hacked.  

Every level of your security needs to be scrutinized and you need to make sure that no one can gain unauthorized access.

This has been essential when working on client projects.  For the most part I have them saved in my Project Management system. There are times where it’s just easier to physically have them in the project folder.  If I’m at a face to face meeting the last thing I want to do is jump into software that will be showing details of other projects I’m working on.  

I strive to keep all client information confidential.  Even if it means the ideas they have for upcoming promotions or ideas we’ve fleshed out for upcoming promotions.

Make sure to keep your passwords organized with this WordPress Password Tracker.