3 page WordPress mini guide that helps beginner users to complete some of the basic tasks needed to add content to your website.

WordPress can be confusing for new users.  My guide has easy to follow steps for the basic actions needed to add content to your website.  



Using WP as a Content Management System it has all the functionality you could possibly need.  As a new user the backend can be intimidating if you haven’t used something similar in the past. 

Good news is that this WordPress Mini Guide is here to help you with the basic actions you’ll need to learn to start posting.

Once you get the hang of WordPress it is quite easy to use.  I understand the confusion since knowing how to code a site from scratch didn’t help me learn this any faster. You wouldn’t think that it would make it more confusing to learn but it added a new set of challenges to the learning process.

Getting the basics down will allow you to play around with some of the more robust functions of the platform.  And really it’s endless what you can add with plugins.  I used to think this was the lazy way out.  

It’s one of the reasons it took so long for me to jump on the WordPress train.  I thought that using something created by someone else was a cop out until I was told to utilize the tools created by others so I can focus on what I do best.  Marketing, Design, Project Management & User Experience.

Check back soon for my free Learn WordPress in an hour course.