I don’t really have an opinion on them.  I have yet to have a real face to face interview where I was asked to complete a whiteboard challenge. According to the podcast below people have a strong opinion.  No matter what side you agree with.

I love my whiteboard in general. I use it all the time to flesh out ideas and configure random sticky’s into groups.   From what I listened to today I need to find some exercises and get practicing.

In Person Whiteboard Challenge 

To be honest the thought of a whiteboard challenge gives me a slight panic attack.   I hate standing in front of a group of people I don’t know anyway.  My introvert side really hates that.  I can force myself but if it’s the first time I’ve met you and we haven’t spend 10-15 minutes getting to know each other I might be a tad awkward.  



Obviously the first place I checked was YouTube.  There are a few videos but not as many as I would have thought.  I guess that’s something I could create that would be a help to people.  There was an article that they mentioned in the podcast, I have it linked, but that led me to the video below.

I’ve been finding in my interview prep the best way to handle behavioral questions is to have a structure in place so you can answer the question but still also show what you learned and how you grew from the experience. 

I never put it together but I see it’s the same for beating the whiteboard.  Make sure you define the problem, learn more about the user,  create a design story, draw out the user flow and basic wireframes to outline the user interface.

I feel that when you break it into sections like that no challenge will get away from you.