Thinking and Designing for your user is key.  This User Persona worksheet helps you develop the key attributes of your ideal customer. 

Most people are stumped when they need to create a profile for their ideal customer.  This User Persona worksheet guides you through the key components you need to think about.  



If you’re thinking why would I even need to write a customer profile or user profile?  What is that going to do to help me get business?  Keep reading.  

Why would you even need to think about this?  

If you don’t know who your customer is it’s almost impossible to create products and services for them.  If you don’t know how to best serve them how can you solve their problems?

Creating a user profile can be hard when you first start but the good news is that you can model this on real people.  

You can always create these based on customers you don’t have yet.  Make these profiles based on your ideal client.  Be as specific as possible.  What do they do for a living, how much do they make, what do they do for fun.  You can even do research on facebook in case you want to look into their habits.

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