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Have you ever had a moment where you just knew you had to get moving?  Even if you’ve been making progress at a slow and steady pace.  Learning new key skills every day that will be useful in the future.  Finding and following your passion to your exact niche.  That is my journey in a nutshell and I’ve had enough!  This blog will give you inspiration to start your blog today!

Today I had one of those moments while I was listening to Seth Godin get interviewed by Chris Do from The Futur.  Seth Godin has recently come back into my orbit and I love everything I’ve seen and heard of his so far.  Chris is also someone I’ve been learning from since 2016.  Both of them are such amazing resources while I’ve been on this amazing design now UX journey.



This was really my biggest take away from the hour long interview.  Seth said that the most important thing you can do is to blog everyday.  I did this when we first moved to Colorado.  Writing made me so happy!  And if I really think about it, that may have been what made me think I could learn to code this time around which I totally did.  Don’t wait around for inspiration start your blog today!

I didn’t want to make a big to-do about getting started again (because I have so many of those posts already on other long past blogs) so I think the best way to prove my intentions are just to jump in and hit the ground running.  My favorite way to do anything to be honest.




“Solving interesting problems is I don’t know how to do that, let’s figure it out.”

I used to think this is what everyone did because it’s how I go about learning new things.  My growth over the last 3 years can be attributed to my insatiable appetite for learning new things.


“Mentors don’t scale”

Seth says to find heroes instead.  People you don’t need to know in person but who inspire you.  I’ve been doing this for a few years now.  With social media you can find inspiration in any field and knowing someone else already did what you want gives you a path to follow when you don’t know what to do next.

FAIL TO WIN (20:50)

“Strategically fail at the right scale”

This one opened my eyes!  I hate failure.  I always learn something but sometimes it knocks me down hard.  I love Seth’s idea that you can find or create a space that allows you to play and fail in a way that will only promote more growth and serve a purpose.


“No one has writing poorly block”

And here we are.  The breakthrough that started it all.  What an inspired point.  This is the reason I stopped writing!!! I just felt I had nothing original to say.  Everyone had more time/skills/education blah (cry me a river right?) Well Seth says if you write poorly enough your brain will give up and start creating something better.