Meet Goals with SPIRIT

Using SPIRIT Goals as a Digital Project Manager is essential to a smooth-running project. Use this tested methodology to meet your goals in record time.


#1 - Specific

Be specific about what you want or don’t want to achieve. The result should be tangible and measurable. Be sure to write it down so you know exactly when you reach it.

#2 - Prizes

Reward yourself at different points in the process, particularly if it’s long-term goal. Decide what the prize will be for each step in the plan to keep yourself motivated.

#3 - Individual

The goal must be something that you want to do for your own self betterment. This can’t be something that you are trying to accomplish based on someone else’s wants.

#4 - Review

Review your progress often. Does the goal make sense? Are you stuck? Do you need to adjust the process in order to be successful? Review weekly to stay on course.

#5 - Inspiring

Frame the goal positively. This goal with improve your life how? Make it fun to accomplish. Consider documenting your results to review for future inspiration.

#6 - Time-Bound

Give yourself a deadline for achieving the goal. Even better, split the goal into sprints and give yourself a deadline for each item. This will keep you moving forward.

SPIRIT Goals are the say to save your self time and frustration.  Using this tried and true system as a Digital Project Manager will make project planning with your stakeholders painless.

Now you have some of the basics on smart goal setting. Remember, these points are only a few of the main points. This is not meant to be a fully comprehensive list of what you need to do in order to achieve your smart goals.

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