Is something that I love to do.  Recently I had someone reach out asking about a program that I had participated in and complete.  She also gave me some love on my portfolio design (always nice in my opinion).  It turns out that my portfolio was recommended out of the students who has completed the course.  

I was really happy to hear that.  My website don’t get much feedback.  On my personal site and it was nice to see that following my design aesthetic is working out.  

I was able to share my experience (love you Skillcrush) and let them know that I would definitely recommend the course if they were looking to hit the ground running.  



Portfolio design is really important.  Making sure that your previous work is showcased in a pleasing way that is true to your design esthetic.  

The most important thing is to show off the skills and programs that you used to create your projects.  A case study of previous work is a great way to also explain the project in greater detail and explain the issues you encountered and how you solved them.

Coming up with a template is also a good way to keep consistency between the projects.  You will need to consider how the templates can translate to a print version.  You never know how you’ll be asked to present your portfolio.

The last thing you want during an interview is technical problems but the best way to show a potential employer you are ready for anything is to be ready with multipule versions, Print and Digital.