Sometimes when working it’s just easier to jot down a note sheet or on some paper.  This is a simple template for that purpose.

A simple letterhead / note sheet I created for my design and consulting business.  I love sticky notes but they can really add up.  Plus, and you still need to add the notes to a more permanent place.  Using this makes it easy to organize notes for a current project.  Then they can just be slipped into their corresponding client folder. 



I am and always will be a HUGE fan of stationary.  This was just a quick and easy solution.  If I still lived in the city I might even treat myself to a custom order from somewhere like

If you haven’t had an obsession like I have you might not know why anyone would want to spend money on something like this.  

It’s a total Upper East Side NY thing too.  If anyone has ready Bergdorf Blondes or ready anything by Plum Sykes it gives you an insight into the UES world.  

Anyway, note sheets are essential for me.  I’m always working on multipule projects at once so being able to jot a few notes down while I brainstorm (or they pop into my head while I’m doing something else) is super important to me.  

When I was writing a lot as a kid I felt that if I didn’t write down an idea right away I would forget and miss it.  No matter how inspired I thought it was.  

Who said writing is like a thundering train? And tjey had to caputre as much as they could before it would pass through them and was gone.