JUNE 2018


It’s that time again.  June Bullet Journal Set Up for the year 2018! Half way through the year but it’s finally summer and days finally have long daylight hours.


Even though June is known as a great month to get married we have no weddings planned this summer.  Thankfully we’ve gotten through most of the ones we’ll have to go to. 

June is also time for the famous English tennis tournament Wimbledon. I always thought tennis in real life was more fun but it’s fun to see who throws their racket. 

I always use this time to plan and think about how I can make my process better.  It takes a long time to set this up and draw it out so making sure nothing is going to be made that goes unused is important to me.

I really liked the colors this month and I even played around with blending the two colors together.  The TomBow markers come with a “white” one that is self cleaning.  It makes the colors look so nice.  It’s amazing what some real artists can do with them.  I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube and sometimes it looks like they painted a picture when just drawing with these markers.