The hardest thing about keeping a social media presence is content creation and having a consistent posting schedule.  This Instagram Planner can help.

This Instagram planner allows you to brainstorm content ideas simply and easily.  It has tracking for all stages of creation.  There is a lot that is needed to create engaging content.  Formatted into a grid so you can create consistency in your feed.



One of the biggest tips I’ve learned while researching the best way to engage with your potential client base on Instagram is creating a feed that is relevant to your brand.  Make sure you use the same colors and formats for the different types of posts you create.  This will take some time upfront but then it’s easy to take that template and create posts that convert.

How does your audience consume the content?

You also need to think about how people consume the content.  Most people don’t read the captions so make sure your picture tells a story.  I’ve also been testing a theory that they penalize you for using words on your posts.  

Using Instagram for your business is a great way to visually show your products and creating a business account allows your customers to contact you directly from the app.

Depending on your demographic it can be a great way to reach your ideal audience.  52% of Instagram users are Females and 42% are male. 110 million Instagram users are from the US. Instagram is used by 43% of American women and 31% of men. 37% of US adults use Instagram and the United States has the most number of Instagram users.  Stats from OmniCore.

The best way to stay consistent is to pre-plan and schedule as much content as you can.  There are tons of tools (free and premium) that can help. This alleviates most of the stress caused by trying to navigate the social media marketing maze.  

Another way to lower the stress levels is to purchase a content calendar that gives you the ideas.  That’s usually the place where people lose motivation first.  That way you can just craft a post that fits with your business goals.

Want to learn more?  Here is an article from Instagram on how to grow your brand using their platform.