Google My Business is the best way to showcase information about your business for free.  

This is a great way to attract new customers through organic search results.  Google My Business makes it easy to add content to your profile so you can stand out and bring customers in.



Every business should have online profiles that showcase their past projects.  Having a free Google Profile is a great place for customers to leave reviews.  Also be sure to post engaging content to your social media accounts.  Potential customers love to see social proof from other happy clients.

Having your business listed on as many online directory sites helps show credibility and increases your search ability online.  You need to list your business on the sites your potential (or ideal) customer is the most likely to be using to make decisions.

Profiles are also a great place to let your customers know important information like holiday hours, service areas and physical address if you have one.

You may already have a profile, and not know it

Your business may already have a profile.  It’s very important that you claim it as soon as possible.  It’s important to control the profiles and social media accounts associated with your business name.

Create your Profile with your New or Existing Google Account HERE