DPM Skills

Do you have any of these Digital Project Manager Skills?  They are helpful no matter what career path you are on. 


#1 - Organization

Staying organized.  Keeping operations streamlined by prioritizing tasks at the same time is crucial.

#2 - Critical Thinking

Skilled analysis of the pros and cons of each decision.  Think logically in order to reach conclusions.

#3 - Technical Writing

Updating stakeholders to internal team communications.  Explaining a project in writing clearly is essential. 

#4 - Mentoring

Mentoring opens up new opportunities to ensure your team reaches its max potential.

#5 - Adaptability

This is key when managing diverse teams, implementing new technologies, trends, and user requirements.

#6 - Resilience

Can you turn a poorly performing project around? Showcasing this resilience will set you apart.

#7 - Quality Control

Ensuring the end product is in line with the purpose it has been designed for is essential.

#8 - Humor

The ability to laugh and lighten up the situation when things look grim helps keep a team cohesive

#9 - Leadership

You set the vision and inspire others.  Treating your team with respect, makes meeting goals much easier

#10 - Negotiation

Working toward a common goal, conflict is inevitable. You need to listen and find win-win solutions.

#11 - Communication

Knowing what needs to be said and how to say it is the secret for building a lasting, close-knit team.

#12 - Cost Control

Handling project logistics includes delivering a project on time and under budget with all deliverables in place.

#13 - Team Management

Knowing how to delegate tasks & keep your team’s professional path aligned with your organizations’ goals.

#14 - Risk Mitigation

Having a foundation in risk management will help you navigate unfamiliar terrain and changing scopes.

#15 - Technical Experience

Understanding the technical aspects of the work you’re overseeing will help you gain respect and track progress.

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