On The Subject Of Heros

Here is another good one for you. Really James is the OG of my Personal Development story.  It all started in 2014 when we relocated from Summit County in Colorado to Denver and started trying to rebuild our client base for the recording studio.  The first book I picked up was one of his, Choose Yourself.

Chocolate Saves

If you can listen to a sample of it you might be able to hear how he saved the stock market with chocolate.  That’s right Halloween sized chocolate bars revitalized the economy in 2009.  

It’s the little things you do to make them smile that can turn everything around.  We use this same tactic still to this day with our candy bowl in the studio.  It’s amazing how a small gesture can set you apart.

I love my audiobooks so I repurchased it and I have to say I’m loving it even more this time around because I get to have him tell me the story.  When I searched for it on google I found a Ted Talk he did and I wanted to share. 

He has a bunch of other books too.  His website is full of resources and you can also watch him on YouTube.  If you need a place to start James is the perfect place.

Always to remember to choose yourself.