Windows 10 on OSX

We had a crazy snow storm yesterday and instead of a face to face meeting I now needed to run from home.  At 8:30pm the night before I realized I had almost everything I needed.   Almost…..


This was for a software company that runs on windows.  I don’t have a laptop with windows and only had the training manual I was working through and the links to download the test database and software.

I wanted to make sure I could get it to work before morning just in case I couldn’t get to the db.  That’s where are my real learning takes place.  So I try to install Internet Explorer or Edge.  IE is unsupported and Edge isn’t available yet.

Next I pulled my old laptop to try to get it to work on there.  Hurrah it sees the program.  BUT when you try to download I realize it’s a .exe file (duh!!) and it won’t work anyway.  Not to worry that took about 20 mins to realize it was a failure.

Since I love a good challenge (and I really hate driving in the snow) I started to research a way to get Windows on my laptop.  I know that it’s been mentioned before.

As always your first attempt is a disaster.  I downloaded an application that needed a disk image to create the OS inside a virtual machine.  This was so confusing and when I followed the tutorial I noticed that the file ext that the app needed was totally different from anything in my extracted file folders.  Arrgghh!

Here we go to attempt two.  Now it’s getting late.  I wanted to back up my computer before I tried my final option.  If this doesn’t work I’m heading into the storm.

I did some more research and wanted to try a trial of a paid software to see if I had better luck.  VMWare was one of the top results so I looked there.  The version I’m running is $80 for the cheapest version.

Then you need to install Windows.  I took the time to research the file extension so I would be able to upload with no issues (hopefully!).  Thankfully I was taken to Microsoft directly to download.  I downloaded the 32 and 64 bit versions just in case.  I started with 32 and the install seemed to fail.

All I saw was a spinning circle of dots.  I think if I had waited a little longer (or maybe not) it would have worked but when I suspended the virtual session and reloaded the Blue windows install loaded and completed.

Just a note: YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR A PRODUCT CODE!  When I searched you could find places where Windows Pro was $26 so in my opinion being able to set up a Windows OS for $100 is a pretty good deal.

RESULTS:  Everything is working great.  The only hitch is if I want to keep this setup.  I might instead of carrying 2 laptops around with me.