World Famous Studios  Recording Studio
Denver, CO

About World Famous Studios

World Famous Studios is a full service recording studio featuring analog and digital recording, editing, mixing and mastering. The studio features an Amek Rembrandt 80 input analogue console with Supertrue automation and Recall. Recording can be done either analog or digital on an Otari MTR-90 or Pro Tools with mic pre’s by Neve, Universal Audio, Telefunken and Amek while mixing down to either digital or analog 1/2 inch tape to an Ampex ATR-102 with processing/effects by Pultec, Lexicon, SPL, Roland, DBX and Electrix.

Specialties:  Music Production, Analog & Digital Recording/Mixing/Editing/Mastering.  Analog mixing featuring Neve & Amek

World Famous Studios is a recording studio in the Denver Colorado area that provides artists with the kind of creative vibe that draws out their best and the best equipment available to capture and enhance their performance.  We are determined to create the ultimate recording experience from giving your home recorded tracks a professional mix to producing a major label album.  No project is too big or small. 

The studio was created in 2001 by Pete deBoer (Producer/Engineer/Mixer). Pete has developed his talents through 15+ years experience in the recording industry.  While working in the best recording studios in NYC, he honed his skills on analog tape machines/mixing consoles and Pro Tools while producing, recording and mixing bands & solo artists in every genre of music. 

World Famous Studios is now located in Arvada, CO offering it’s services to the Arvada/Denver/Boulder recording community and anyone that wants to record in colorful Colorado. 

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