2019 Assessment

I’m all about taking the time to review yourself.  This year I decided it was time to dig deeper into my ideal work style.  Thankfully Indeed made it easy with their online assessment.  Check out my results below.


Ever wonder what work style is best for you. Use the Indeed assessment at the bottom of this post to learn more about the work style that is best for your personality. This will help you find the best career path and company match for you.

I know from my past experiences ending up in a position where the job description sounds good but the culture fit is off can cause major problems.

It’s best for everyone involved to know that the team vibe is a good fit.  It makes the time spent together much more enjoyable.  Especially when there is a large amount of stress involved.  If everyone can work together in a productive way more can get done.

Crystal deBoer Work Style Planner Analyzer

So true!  I love that the results are 100% correct.  That’s always a sign of a good assessment in my opinion.  I love to learn and am always using my life experiences to help with my career growth.  I love organizing projects, information, offices and procedures.  Knowing things are in good order makes it easy for my mind to wander and focus more on the creative.

Crystal deBoer work style assessment percentage graph
Crystal deBoer Work Style Assessment Detail Part 1
Crystal deBoer Work Style Assessment Part 2
Crystal deBoer Ideal Work Style Environment
Crystal deBoer Work Style Strengths and Challenges

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