I need to say more.  I’ve recently been reviewing some old quotes and project scopes I’ve written and because I was so new (naive??) the amount of scope creep that occurred is unbelievable.  Some of it I voluntarily created for myself.  Why would anyone do that?


I’m much more conscious of it now.  It will throw you so far off track it feels like you’ll never get the simple project you agreed to (and quoted for) finished.  

My new process starts with a one page agreement that defines the project goals in broad strokes.  The agreement also states that there will be additional meetings that will define the deliverables, timeline and who is responsible for each.

What used to happen is that it all got dumped on me.   My job was to design and develop the site not write copy, source assets, and define business goals.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to do that kind of work too but that wasn’t included in the hours alloted for the project.

I love that now after the initial interview and research I sit down with my clients and we agree together on what the exact pieces of the puzzle are and who will be responsible for each.  It’s also a great time to discuss that the timeline is based on each item being ready as discussed.  And any date missed puts the entire project back.

I also use this time to go over the work I’ll be completing that they won’t see and maybe don’t even know is happening.  Like user testing, persona development and competitor research.

I feel that this new process has been a life saver.  It all works so much better when everyone is on the same page.