Karma is a bitch so I don't have to be

10 years of dealing with horrible drivers and I finally saw a little bit of payback. 


Yesterday on my way home from work I was driving towards the highway and a bus was in front of me turning.  Much slower than I thought so I used my blinker and merged into the L lane next to me.  Some lady blew her horn like I almost hit her even though she was 3-5 car lengths behind me.  

I could see her raging in her car and being the typical NYer that I am I flipped her off as I drove by her on the access ramp to the highway.  Now there are two lanes to get on the highway and since it’s rush hour traffic is mitigated so only 1 car from each lane will go at a time.  So you’re usually driving side by side.  She flipped me off (as I would expect) but she was also screaming at me with her window up.  

I’m not afraid of that and she had me heated too so I rolled my window down.  If you’re coming at me I’m ready.  She proceeded to tell me what nerve I had to flip her off after I cut her off (I didn’t realize that she owned the road and I wasn’t allowed to merge in front of her.  I’m always cut off where people almost actually hit me and that’s the only time I honk my horn, noise pollution is real in NYC) and then called me a stupid bitch & ugly.  So I asked her if she ever looked in a mirror?  She told me to go back where I came from and that’s when I realized I was dealing with a native.  The worst kind of driver in the world is someone who is from Colorado.

Now until this point I’ve left out 1 very important detail.  She was driving a brand new Mercedes SUV with temp plates set to expire April 22, 2020.  Having dealt with titles on new vehicle before I knew that meant the car might have just driven off the lot.

As she’s yelling at me I heard a crunch and I hear someone yell “You just fucking hit me!”  Well as previously mentioned I’m a NYer so I can road rage and still be smart enough not to hit the person in front of me when I’m driving 1 mph.  But that’s exactly what she did.  I started laughing loudly so she could hear me and kept creeping forward so I could get on the highway and head home.

What’s the lesson here?  Be kind on the road or Instant Karma could be coming your way.  Plus I’d rather be smart than pretty any day!