Me To Myself Today

Life really is funny. You think you have everything down and BAM!  Everything changes and even falls into place more than you thought it already had.  Being a Project Manager is a perfect blend of my experiences.


I have an amazing job.  And now that I’m looking into the PMP Project Manager Certification I realized that every job I’ve ever had has prepared me for the application I need to fill out showing 7,500 hours of project time.    

Since this is such an intense application process I took the first step today and created a login for PMI.  I also started looking for a copy of the PMBOK. 




I won’t lie that was really intimidating because a lot of my recent PM work has been as the designer/developer also and I knew I couldn’t count those hours.  

I’m taking an exam prep course and everything he was saying about what you can count as projects means a lot of non-technical projects that I did as little extras count so that helps.   I’ll be interesting to see what the total is.  

Now that I actually work for someone else as a Project Manager and have my side work I’ll be able to get any missing hours fast.  They randomly audit applications so I want every hour to be able to be validated.  

When the instructor went into the best background to have he basically read me my resume.  If you don’t know me I’ll link my LinkedIn for you but it’s everything I did for the first 15 years of my career.  


I mean this is literally my hobby.  If you think I’m kidding please see my Bullet Journal Playlist on YouTube.


Always been a part of my job no matter what position I take this usually ends up on my plate.  But don’t get me wrong I love a good budget.  


If I had to choose a full-time career it wouldn’t be sales but as an entrepreneur (both mine and my husbands) you always have to be selling. Same as marketing, it’s just a part of getting clients and keeping the pipeline full.  


Being an entrepreneur has really helped with having to deal with all aspects of business but this one is a throw back to my operations days.  I always had to manage my budget and that meant dealing with vendors and negotiating rates.  


Another hobby activity of mine.  Who doesn’t love to create a list, timelines and then assign how and when everything happens?  Oh, is it just me?


Another throw back and the only other thing I would focus on if I wanted to focus on a non-technical career path.