call today from a recruiter about that same UX Research job at Charter Communications.  The one I heard about (the first time) 4 months ago.  They must have literally EVERY recruiter in Denver looking to fill this position.


She basically said the same about finding a candidate that hasn’t been contacted already.  Any recruiter reading this you should know that they have already rejected/ignored my application at least 4 firms.

I never really know that becuase everytime the job is presented the team lead is a different name.  If you do any sort of research on their company you see the horrible reviews.

The best part of the conversation was that she said “Oh wow this is from a really long time ago but you had applied for a position with us and we never reached out but I found you on Dice.”  Thanks!  That really makes me feel like you give a shit about my career path.  Just sounds like you’re desperate. The only time most recruiters seem to give a damn.

I would really like to know WHY (when you couldn’t even call me to have an assessment or meeting when I sent you my info) that I would do anything to help you make a quick buck?

I let her know that I started a new job on Monday.  And like always she tried to get the company out of me but I won’t let you swoop in there either.

The funny thing is that the recruiter that got me my current position is only the 2nd one in 15 years to ever get me a job.  It’s always the smaller shops that actually care and get things done.